Happy Wheels Unblocked

If you are interested in challenges, violence and video games, then Happy Wheels Unblocked Game is a type of game that you should try. You will surely be more than happy to play this game and will get even more excited to go online and get started with an awesome gaming experience. Happy Wheels Game pertains to a vehicle game that is based on bloody physics featuring a slight and unique twist of real accident sensation.
In this game, accidents can happen to anyone including you. When you choose to play Happy Wheels Game, you will be provided with real pictures of how an accident can happen and can result to bone fractures, loss of consciousness, and even death. This game allows players to choose a particular type of vehicle either a two-wheeler or a wheel chair and they must try to find best ways to exit alive.

Get Yourself More Familiar with Happy Wheels Game

The real accident sensation is one of the best features of this game. Choosing the characters that you want are also added features that make this game more exciting and interesting. If you choose to play Happy Wheels Game, you can pick any character you like such as fat man having a shopping cart, old man in a wheel chair or son and father with a bike. This game includes a very challenging game field as well as steep hills, ravines, bridges, large stones and more so players need to be careful. Happy Wheels Game is also about two important things: steady damage system and outrageous obstacle courses. Damage system is actually what sets Happy Wheels Game apart from other similar games. On the other hand, obstacle courses combine a bit of the standard platform gaming with racer elements and puzzle however, it is the injuries that racers can suffer that actually makes this game more addictive.

How to Play the Happy Wheels Game

The Happy Wheels Game is completely a flash-based game and ultimately depends on mouse and control keyboards. In order to play this game, players basically need to use four arrows, space bars for main actions, control keys for secondary actions, shift bar and letter ā€œZā€ to eject the game. The space bar is noted for its special ability. Left key can be used to lean backward or lean on the left side while the right key is used to go over or lean right and the up key to move down, move ahead and move backwards. The control and shift keys can similarly move the arms and the legs. Controlling and playing this game is simple and you will surely love and enjoy every amazing feature displayed by this game. Happy Wheels Game is indeed a fun game with excellent graphics to perfectly complement the gameplay. Players can easily choose their preferred characters and get started with moving to launch or reach the farthest distance without encountering fatal accidents. Happy Wheels Game will surely challenge you and at the same time teach you how to be more discreet when making moves while playing games with an aim of saving yourself from accidents and death. Happy Wheels Game is truly a must play game packed with actions, adventures and enjoyment.