Duck Life 4 Unblocked

The Duck life 4 unblocked games is a popular fun game for kids. It is a great game to train your duck to win races in the game and win back your farm.

About the game

The duck life 4 unblocked games is a duck training game that is back for the fourth time. The duck training game is still reigning to be in the top of the most popular unblocked games online. Here you need to train the duck with all the necessary skills such as running, flying, swimming, climbing and many more to make the duck a champion racer. Your duck can’t harness all the skills at once. In each segment, there are different skills that your duck must conquer. After acquiring the skill, you will race the ducks to see who runs the fastest. You must win the tournament to acquire new skills and new area. During the training process, you can even take part in a few races and win coins. You can then utilize these coins in buying fashion items and new ducks from the duck shop.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to feed your duck and view the map
  • Make use of arrow keys to control the duck
  • Make use of keys 1,2,3,4 to get over obstacles during the tournament.

The duck life 4 unblocked games is an amazing fun game among kids. You must try to train your duck as long as you can. With every increasing level, it enhances your possibility to win the tournament. You can watch this amazing game for free without any hindrance.