Fleeing the Complex Unblocked

A game for all the adventure lovers

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is a challenging game which is adventurous simultaneously. This game has various difficult quests about itself. This game is an upcoming favorite game for all the adventure lovers.

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked- A game of prison in and out

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is an interesting and enthralling game in which the mission of the player is to escape safely from a small and dangerous prison by resolving all the game puzzles. Fleeing the Complex Unblocked ensures that the player can make a way out of the prison in order to complete the level.

Some Fun facts about the game

It is a complex game which is the 5th sequel of Henry Stickmin series. This game can be very well played on a Smartphone, tablet, computer and laptop. The highlighting feature of this version is the maps in the game play which makes the navigation for the wrong decisions easier. In the map no step back feature is allowed. Another feature is that the bar which shows the time keeps filling up on the top of the screen in order to show the player the remaining time. More features are-

  • The game has total 18 medals which can be used to escape the prison.
  • There are 4 leading characters in the game. Each character has a unique role to be played in the game.
  • The game has 5 different endings depending upon the decision of the player.
  • The game has 60 different ways to make the wrong decision.
  • The game is player using mouse and the decisions are taken.

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked is a flash game and requires extensive decision making skill from the end of the player.