G Switch 3 Unblocked

G switch 3 unblocked is an exciting and action-packed running game where you have cross every obstruction and checkpoint without being destroyed.

About the game

G switch 3 unblocked is an exciting game where you need to control two runners in a single runner game. After being trapped in an endless tunnel you have now mastered the art to turn the world upside down with a reverse gravity. But with great power comes great danger as well. With the switch of gravity, you need to follow the path and run along the ceiling avoiding the several saw blades and endless pits on your way and change your directions accordingly. On your way, you need to collect the scattered orbs to unlock new characters. After running for a long way, you can challenge up to three friends for skill completion. With the increase in level and speed, your challenges become harder.  So you need to extremely careful and proceed with caution. In single mode player you need to control the two runners and at the same time be careful of the saw blades and traps. In multi-mode players, eight players can play at a time and are given different boosters and emulating.

How to play

Player 1- Use up and down keys

Player 2- Use keys C and M

G switch 3 unblocked games is an amazing running game with twisted levels that will challenge your reflexes and correct timing. The game is very simple in itself. You just need to pass through every level by switching the gravity at the right time to overcome the hurdles on your way. So before starting the game, you need to remember the places and obstacles as the hurdles are repetitive after a fixed interval of time. This exciting game can be played in any browser and can be installed in your mobile.