Gun Mayhem

About the game

The Gun mayhem unblocked game is an interesting shooting game. This game allows you to play with 50 different weapons at a time to fight with your enemies. You can apply several tactics and ways to defeat your friend.

The gun mayhem unblocked game allows you to have a lot of guns with gun warehouse, many character options with various levels and modes for players to explore and defeat their enemies. Every level comes with a whole new challenge and adventure. You have the power to create your own character and name them. In case the players face obstruction or troubles in their way, they can choose their choice of guns at every stage that suits best. So the players must visit the ‘weapon library’ and check out how these guns are used in real action places. Therefore, it helps the players to make a better decision.

Playing modes in Gun Mayhem

There are three different modes in gun mayhem i.e. the campaign, custom game, and challenges.

In the campaign, it consists of 16 stages and as you gradually unlock each level your game gets harder. In a custom game, players have the leverage to choose maps and the number of players they want to play with. In the final mode i.e. in challenges, players just need to shoot their play by making use of their choice of guns.

How to play the game

Make use of arrow keys up, down, left, right to move and jump, and along with that press Z key to shoot and X key to drop bombs.

The gun mayhem unblocked game is an interesting game and easy to play. All you have to do is shooting, jumping and avoiding the bullets to come to your play. Play this exciting fun-filled game for free.