Raze 3 Unblocked

Raze 3 unblocked games is an exciting shooting game with a lot of different levels and variety of weapons to make an interesting gaming experience.

About the game

Raze 3 unblocked games is a futuristic shooting game where all the actions take us to the future. In this game, the aliens decide to invade the mother earth and kill the humans. The human beings started rebuilding their own civilization and creating a team of heroes to fight with the alien invaders and save the mother earth. The mission of the game is to fight and destroy the aliens who have invaded the earth with the troop of zombies and robots. You have to be really quick, brave in your actions to defeat your enemies and kill as many as possible.  There are two playing modes, one is the quick match and the other is the human campaign. In quick mode, you can join a quick match with one round but you need to reach the required level to win the game.  In human campaign, you need to overcome 15 levels, which gradually get harder with each approaching level.

How to play

  • Use the arrows WASD to make your characters move
  • Make use of spacebar to jump
  • Move your mouse to aim and shoot
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6 are special keys used special weapons

The Raze 3 unblocked games is a famous shooting game series that has gained immense popularity online with its attractive graphics, designs and exciting challenges at each level to keep you engrossed to the game.