Run 3

Run 3 unblocked games is the second version of run 2. This is the most popular and addictive game with endless running series to make play the game whole night without pause.

About the game

The run unblocked 3 unblocked is an exciting running game The mission of the game is to run avoiding hundreds of holes in the runaway and the same time even save himself from falling into the air. On his way, he needs to skilfully pick up the items and jump avoiding the holes. With every passing level, the speed increases and so is the challenges. The game requires a lot of patience and attention to stay on the game.

Run 3 consists of two playing modes i.e. the explore mode and the Infinite mode. The explore mode is for the beginners and the latter is a harder mode. The goal of the player is to unlock every level by skilfully avoiding the obstacles and barricades on his way. With each level, the player can earn coins that can be used to buy new characters in the game such as lizards, kids and skaters with each have their own advantages and skill sets. This is an extremely exciting game in comparison to its other series.

How to play:

Use the different letter key on the keyboards such as

  • Press A to run to left
  • Press D to run to right
  • Press W to jump

Depending on the time you can control the characters by pressing the keys and space bar can be used to make the jump easier.

The run 3 unblocked is a multi-level running game for all ages. The sound in the game makes the game even more exciting with the feel of being chased or running after something. You may even install the game in your smartphone or tablet and enjoy this exciting game.