Stick War Unblocked

The stick war unblocked game is an exciting and popular strategy game. You need to take control of your own army and with the help of your other stick men withstand the attacks of the opposition.

About the Game

The stick war unblocked games is an amazing game where every individual nation is devoted to their nature of science technology and urges to dominate the other nations. Every individual nation has their own tactics and strategies to attack and defend. The nations have become so obsessed, that they worship weapons as religion. Each holds the belief, that the only way to live is through far and they are dedicated to teaching their war tactics and policies. According to them, war is a ‘divine intervention’. The other nations are known by the names as “Archidonis” which is the way of the archer; “swordswrath” which is the way of the sword; “Magikill” the way of the mage and lastly “speartons” which means the way of the spear. In this game, you are the leader of a nation named “order “and your way of life is not through war and you follow the path of peace and knowledge. This makes you a target from all the other nations. To survive in the game you need to build your own defense troop by attacking them first and gather the technologies and resources to build your own army.

How to play

Press keys W, A, S, D to move units. For advanced controls and for attacks make use of Spacebar. You can make use of Q to block your way.

Experiences the action-packed stick war unblocked war game online anytime without being blocked and explores new goals and mission in the world of the stickman.