Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked

The super smash flash game 2 unblocked game is the most popular smash game available online. This popular smash game is a new sensation of the decade and is gaining huge attention among school kids.

About the game

The super flash smash 2 unblocked games is an exciting and cool video game that allows you to play with 4 players at a time. The super smash 2 is developed by Cleod9 productions published by MacLeod Gaming. The second version of the game comes with great features, characters, and stages with more interesting and challenging levels. Here you can now choose from your favorite characters such as Mario, Pikachu, mega man, Donkey kong, Wario, Kirby, Star Fox and you can also choose from your famous anime such as Pokémon, Metroid, Kid Icarus, fire emblem and many more. With the advance of every stage, the game will bring new impressive video experiences for the players.  In this game, you have to choose your opponent and fight to defeat your opponent to make a maximum score. There are two modes in this game, one is the single mode and the other is the multi-player mode.

How to play

  • Make use of keys WESD to control your anime fighter.
  • Key P is used for attack
  • Key U is used to grab a weapon
  • 1 is used to taunt and l is used to open a shield.
  • You can make use of hotkeys for actions such as dash, jump, key C can be used to move up, down, left and right.

There are different versions of the super smash flash game 2 unblocked available online for free. You need to thoroughly understand the skills of every individual to take advantage of the same. If you are a newbie in the gaming world, you may try the old version of the game.