Thumb Fighters Unblocked

Get ready to use your thumb in a good way

Thumb Fighter unblocked is the game where you can put your thumb to the best of its use. Prepare yourself for the best thumb fight ever while playing this game.  

Thumb Fighters Unblocked game protocols

You will be able to play this amazing and hilarious thumb fighting game if you have someone in opposition. Thumb Fighter Unblocked requires you have to have someone along with you to play else you will end up playing with yourself only. Some additions fun facts about the game are listed below-

  • Thumb Fighter Unblocked requires you to make a selection for both the thumbs. One for right and one for left.
  • Imagine you are playing a street fighter game but it is actually a game of thumb wars instead. How cool does that sound to you?
  • You can play this game in rounds in order to win the game.
  • You can even bait your opponent in to coming down and then taking an advantage over him.
  • You can use a trick whereby you can reduce your opponent’s damage b squeezing your thumb pressure when you are being attacked.

Game controls

Few of the remote control buttons you need to know while playing this game are-

  • A is used to Attack Player 1
  • L is used to Attack Player 2

This is a cool and a lot enjoyable game which is played by 2 or more than 2 players like few other games. It is known to be a fun fighting game which is friendly in its own way. All you have to do while playing Thumb fighter unblocked is to choose a thumb character you want to fight and defeat your opponents.